Frequently Asked Questions

Can we create an account for a 2nd parent?

As we process the enrolment data during the first couple of weeks of the academic year, we will automatically create accounts for parents / guardians listed as secondary contacts. We will contact them to let them know when this has been done.

Why can't I find any exam results on the Parent Portal?

We don't provide access to exam results on this site. They are considered to be the property of the student, so we aren't able to make them available on the Portal. Students are able to access their own exam results via the Student Intranet.

Can I email my son/daughter's personal tutor directly?

Parents are advised to make contact via the "Contact Us" page on the Parent Portal. This facility is monitored by the Faculty Admin team who are best placed to forward messages to the appropriate member of staff. This ensures that all messages are logged and responses are logged on the student record. Personal tutors are also teachers who cannot always respond quickly. By contacting the pastoral team via the Parent Portal, queries and messages can be handled quickly and efficiently.

How do I inform the college about disruptions or difficulties my son/daughter might be experiencing?

Please use the "Contact Us" page on the Parent Portal for all communications with the college and your message will be directed to the appropriate staff member.

How do I notify the college if my son or daughter is absent from college?

Please use the "Contact Us" page on the Parent Portal or the attendance email ( to notify all absences, both as they occur or for future commitments.

My son/daughter had extra time/access arrangements for exams, will this still happen at PSC?

Exam boards require all extra time or access arrangements that students had at school to be applied for again by Colleges so it is really important that students share information about arrangements they had at school as early as possible. Once we know about access arrangements, the College can work with the student and teachers to gather evidence for them to be re-applied for. This is particularly important if you are a vocational student with formal assessments in your first term - eg. Criminology assessments in December.

If Study Support are already aware of previous access arrangements from enrolment information, then the department will automatically contact the student. Otherwise students can self-refer or check by going to the Study Support department located in College Centre.

What happens if the student wants to change a subject?

Students are allowed to change subjects during the early weeks of their courses. Tutors will guide their tutees through this process.

What is the difference between predicted grades and progress grades?

Progress grades are calculated at five key times in the assessment cycle and represent a summary of the student's grades and attainment levels with some indication of how they might achieve in a final exam. Predicted grades are the 'best outcome' for the student. A-level predictions are motivational and are often set at a grade higher than progress grades. Universities and apprenticeship providers use predicted grades to make their offers, and as such these are an incentive for the student to study hard and prepare well for final assessments.

What are the expectations for students during study periods when in college?

If students have trapped time between classes, there will be appropriate designated study space which they can use in the LRC, Hopkins and in subject resource areas. Alternatively, they are free to leave the college site if they wish to do so.

What are the arrangements for on-site catering?

Hot food and drinks are available for students in the PWC refectory and café at PW2. The John Shields shop sells cold snacks and drinks as well as useful items of stationery.

Can my son/daughter park their car on the college site?

Unless a student has a parking permit, which is issued only to students who have extenuating circumstances, then there is no general student parking on site at all and they should not bring cars onto college premises. Please note that parking restrictions are in place nearby and are in very limited supply.

How do students apply for financial assistance from the college?

Financial assistance is available for all students who live in a household with an income below approximately £30,000 per year. This generally covers support for college textbooks, transport costs and other costs associated with the courses studied. Student Services manage this provision. Free College Meals are also available for 16-19 students. Further information is available from our Student Services department.

What is the procedure for students who are resitting their Maths or English Language GCSE exams?

Students who are enrolled on GCSE courses at PSC because they did not gain a level 4 in English and or Maths will be entered for the external exam in the Autumn term. If they still don’t gain a level 4 in these subjects they will continue on their GCSE courses and take the exam in the Summer series.

How do I get access to the Parent Portal?

Accounts are created as part of the application process. The parent listed as the primary contact will be invited to create an account early on in the application process. Parents listed as secondary contacts will receive an email inviting them to create an account later on, as part of the enrolment process.